Do you plan to improve the sound of the game?

We know that the sound isn’t ideal. In the future, we’d like to improve it but now it’s not a priority.

The animations are fine but they aren’t on the top level. Do you plan to improve them?

We’re currently limited by equipment. At the time of animation rendering all the other work stops because the PC simply doesn’t handle much more. For this reason we cannot create animations with which we’re 100% satisfied. As soon as it is financially possible we’re going to buy a PC entirely for rendering animations.

Why is the game only in 1280×720 resolution?

The reason is the equipment again. We preferred better graphics at lower resolution rather than worse graphics at higher resolution.

Do you plan to adjust the game for higher resolution?

It’s not planned nowadays. We don’t have enough people to create new content and remake old one at the same time. But if our equipment and time allow it then we aren’t against it.

Why are there no decisions in the game?

We currently don’t have time and resources to create a nonlinear story with multiple development branches (which we believe is what a decision-making game requires). We don’t want to add decisions to the game that don’t affect the story. The fact that after selecting “A” you read 4 different sentences than in the case of selecting “B” we don’t consider as an asset to the game.

Why are the characters and their clothes historically inaccurate?

Because we have to work with that what we can afford.

Will there be incest in the game?


Will there be male-male scenes in the game? No. Will there be pregnancy in the game?


Will NTR be in the game?

No. (It depends on what you imagine exactly.)

Can patrons decide about the future development of the game?

Yes, partly. It doesn’t concern substantial decisions that would change the characters and their evolution. They can decide for example about the appearance or clothing of new characters. From offered options they can choose the story of side tasks etc…

How often will game updates be released?

Right now it’s 2-3 months. We want to have enough content in every update.

Where can I find news about the game?

Mostly here in the news section and also on our discord server.

You almost don’t post on Patreon and SubscribeStar. Why?

We try to stay “low-profile” as much as possible. Our game is not against their rules but we feel like “every post can be used against you sooner or later”. That’s the reason why we post only links and passwords for our patrons. Links to polls, HD images etc…

Are you planning other games?

We are currently focusing on finishing this game.

How long will it take to finish the game?

Primarily it depends on the interest in the game. The main story lines should have about 10 – 12 updates. At a rough estimate the game should be finished in ca 2 years. However, we want to create updates so that the player can enjoy them independently.

Is the game for free?

The game is available for free. You can download it on this website. The game is released to the public with a delay of about 10 days compared to the people who contribute to its development. Also patrons can have some special features in the game like Gallery, walkthrough, cheat mode. But there is no difference in the content (no extra scenes or something like that).

I’d like to add this and that to the game. And a little bit of this. And please strike out this character. Is it possible?

Briefly and pleasantly: No! We won’t modify the game according to someone’s specific requirements, non in the slightest way. Similarly, we don’t respond to these requirements.

How so that some players have a “Help” button that tells them how to proceed in the game?

This is a bonus given to game patrons.

Is the iOS version available?

Not yet. Maybe in the future.

Is the Android version available?

Not yet. Maybe in the future.

I can’t support Desert Adventure monetarily. Is there anything I can do to help?

Of course! Sharing the game with your friends or communities can be a massive help, since we mostly get new players through word of mouth. On top of sharing the game, some of the most valuable contributions you can give to us are feedback and suggestions.

What about using the game for videos, streams etc…

We have no problem with that! The only requirement is to put the link to the original source, ie. www.grumpyeagle.com